Jenkins Case Study: Gainsight

SUMMARY: Gainsight’s CSX platform helps the customer success teams at over 100 leading IT and healthcare organizations drive engagement for tens of thousands of their customers. That’s why the engineering team at Gainsight built a smarter, faster DevSecOps platform using Jenkins.CHALLENGE: Maintain an infrastructure-as-code approach while integrating various tools and programming languages within the platform, all while securing processes with better visibility and air-tight quality control.SOLUTION: A flexible and scalable DevSecOps infrastructure that provides Gainsight with keener operational insight, ease of collaboration, and the ability to accelerate releases to stay a step ahead of the competition.RESULTS:
infrastructure costs reduced by 40%.
builds are 30% faster.
better and seamless communication on builds and releases.
95% of infrastructure scalable with code.
virtually no more manual processes.