Arpit Bisane

I have attended an expert session on “Industry Use Cases for Kubernetes” conducted by LinuxWorld India.


Neeraj Bhatt from RedHat.
Vijit Kuntal from Infosys.
Rushil Sharma from Google.

Summary :

✔ What is CVS (Centralised Version Control System)

✔ Why GIT was preferred over CVS.

✔ Architecture of working of Industry, like which technologies are used at certain points.

✔ How can we Optimize Resources used by Kubernetes.

✔ What is Chaos Testing

✔ How CPU-requests, CPU-Limits, CPU-leaks plays an vital role.

✔ About SCC, contraints.

✔ SCC (Security Context Container)

✔ How to configure SCC.

✔ About Grafana tool, how it helps.